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     We Welcome Infants to 5 year olds

 Openings Come and Go 

Birth to 5 years.

Once enrolled, the children can stay until they go to school

I offer competitive rates. Exceptional references. 

We are Fun Educators not Babysitters.  

Please Email for current Rates and References

                 Professional Childcare  At Reasonable Rates


Email to inquire about Rates

Infants to 4 years, full time  

Full time Rate: email for rate*  

Less expensive than Daycare Center  

Educational environment Preparing for Kindergarten and Life. 

Tuition is a Investment in your Child's Future 

Their Future is NOW 

 Infants are People too...

* Music / Movement  *Plenty of "tummy time"
*Infants are never in same place for more than 30 minutes
*Soothing music is played during nap-time
*Babies held for all bottle feedings
*Babies don't share cribs or blankets
*Lots of different activities and toys for babies

(excersaucers, Baby Einstein activity , swings, "crawl around and bouncers, rockers, etc.) 

Email me for information and availability

[email protected]

call 804-748-5408

 $40.00 Registration fee for all Programs

        We Provide Wipes , New wooden cribs and sheets, blankets, baby cereals, table and baby food at Breakfast Am Snack, Lunch, and Pm snack, Organic Fresh Fruits, Filtered Water .

also, I have an assortment of infant toys and equipment to fully allow your infant to experience a joyous learning experience. 

Only thing you as the parent provide are: 2 extra sets of clothing and breast milk ,Formula, One bottle  and diaper's 


Interviews ARE done  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday @6:00 pm.

I do NOT interview during daycare hours for the safety of the children in care.

I do NOT allow people I do NOT know in my home while I am caring for children.

If we agree, the spot is available for you and you would like to visit during daycare hours, we can then make an appointment for you and your child to visit.  

 Reflective teachers view their role and approach their work differently.  They are focused less on teaching and more on the learning process children (and themselves as teachers) are engaged in....  When teachers see themselves as stage managers rather than directors, mediators rather than regulators, they continually reflect on what they are seeing and what the children might need in the way of scaffolding to deepen learning."

$145 Full Day Program / $32 per day-Minimum 3 days
$125 1/2 Day Program 8am-1pm includes lunch / $28 per day -Minimun 3 days 

$35 Registration Fee per child
$145 Full Day Program / $32 per day-Minimum 3 days
$125 1/2 Day Program 8am-1pm includes lunch / $28 per day -Minimun 3 days 

$35 Registration Fee per child
$145 Full Day Program / $32 per day-Minimum 3 days
$125 1/2 Day Program 8am-1pm includes lunch / $28 per day -Minimun 3 days 
 Heart-Centered Teaching

August 16, 2019

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.
-Chinese Proverb

It would be hard to trust gardening advice from someone whose own garden was an overgrown weed patch," observes Nancy Rosenow in the opening of the newest book in the Exchange Store, Heart-Centered Teaching Inspired by Nature.  Rosenow continues...

 "I suspect it's also hard for children to believe that learning is exciting and worthwhile unless the adults in their lives actually value and enjoy learning themselves.  Years ago, studying to be an educator, I had no idea that the most impressive lessons I'd be delivering would come from the way I lived my own life.  But that turned out to be the case.  Children know authenticity when they see it, and they know pretense.  They undoubtedly saw some of both in me.

"Over the years I've come to believe that those of us who work with or for children have a responsibility to nurture themselves as tenderly as we nurture the children in our care.  Children deserve to be taught by people who delight in the wonders of the world and are eager to share them.  Children deserve to be taught by people who teach through positive example.  

"Consider:  How can we help children see the world is a place of goodness and unlimited possibilities if we experience it as dreary and stifling?  How can children trust us about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise if they don't choose to practice what we preach?  How will we help children learn the difficult art of conflict resolution if bitter conflicts in our own relationships remain unresolved?  How can we help children discover nature's gifts of joy and wonder if we rarely delight in those gifts ourselves?  And perhaps the hardest question of all:  How will we help children experience themselves as unconditionally loved and loving beings if we don't feel unconditionally loving toward ourselves?"